Alexandra Parry

Having built a successful reputation whilst working in a number of financial services and healthcare corporate companies Alex made the bold move of establishing her creative consulting company. Whilst successfully building and running The Vision Board Alex became increasingly aware of the need for people, from all walks of life, to improve their self-understanding and ultimately their self-esteem - she works tirelessly to live with self-esteem and show how this has both benefited her and like-minded colleagues and friends. Alex is thrilled to be part of the self-esteem network is a collaboration of like-minded people and our goal it is to uplift their immediate lives and positively influence the lives of others


  • Marketing Management Degree – International Institute of Marketing Management (IMM)
  • Direct Marketing qualification – IMM
  • Corporate Communications qualification - IMM
  • Self Esteem Facilitator – Building Self-Esteem

Alex's passion for self-esteem began through her own exploration. Since then Alex has seen the immense and positive impact that the integration of her learning has had in both her personal and professional capacity. With the realisation that, by changing her relationship with herself Alex was able to positively impact all other relationships, she now focuses her time on sharing self-esteem principals as widely as possible.
Alex loves to work with individuals or small groups of people who are interested in exploring how, through self-understanding and self-esteem, they are able to live a more fulfilling, enriching and rewarding life both for themselves and their network of connections. The understanding that all our actions can have either a positive or negative impact on the collective conscious of our World, is a driving force for Alex who's commitment to strengthening all relationships has become her life's work.

Alex is also a social media fanatic so can be found on a plethora of them!
Mobile: 082 905 7594
Landline: 011 024 7371
E-mail:mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.