Bronwen Gericke

Coaching Profile

Having earned an extensive and successful reputation working in her coaching practice and consulting to organisations on psychological assessment, team development and facilitation of training interventions that include Mastering Emotional Intelligence, Effective Thinking Skills, Effective Strategic Thinking Skills and Line Manager as Coach programmes, a natural addition to her practise was to develop skills and capabilities in the area of self-esteem coaching and facilitation. Bronwen currently works as a coach, facilitator, trainer and Consulting Psychologist in private practice and in leading South African organizations as well as on certain key overseas assignments. She has trained and coached in Turkey, Russia, UK, Switzerland, Holland and across South Africa.

Personal statement
'Much of the work that I do with individuals and organisations is borne of a dream to see entire generations leading and living with self-worth and self-esteem – consciously living the uniqueness of all of our passions, our purpose and our highest possibilities for ourselves, our families, our teams, organisations and ultimately, our planet. Learning the skills and practices of leading and living with self-worth and esteem is truly transformative. In changing and deepening the relationship with ourselves, we will naturally change our relationship with our partners, family, work and work colleagues...and ultimately with the life and reality we create for ourselves. In this way you serve as a beacon to encourage others to live the enormity of all that they are, and so Movements of Mastery begin...'

Bronwen's expertise

  • Building a Leadership Brand around your core areas of expertise, and learning the key aspects to marketing yourself from an 'I-Matter' perspective (self-esteem principles)
  • Developing personal mastery as a leader
  • Defining and mastering your strengths and also building strategies to minimise the derailment your blind spots could create.
  • Analysis of your team and individual strategies for people development
  • Anchoring an individual's Place, Purpose, Passion and Highest Possibilities- the 4 P's.

Bronwen is passionate about the area of self-esteem and the impact that this has on leadership behaviour and the development of healthy organisational cultures. She continues to break ground in this area and pay her learning forward as this remains an area of psychology and Executive Coaching that has immense impact on achieving results through the coaching intervention but for which there are few tools to assist managers and leaders.

As a coach Bronwen favours an appreciate inquiry, cognitive behavioural and holistic approach which focuses on the building self-awareness and focusing on leveraging off individual's strengths as well as understanding the strengths of those around oneself. She is particularly skilled in building self-esteem, stress management and EQ competencies with a focus on tracking the emotion, thought, behaviour continuum and understanding the impact of values on behaviour. She tends to ground her coaching process with selective and value adding psychometrics to accelerate the self-awareness and understanding.

Bronwen holds Degrees in Industrial Psychology from the University of Johannesburg. In addition, she has degrees in Clinical Psychology from WITS and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PDM) from the Wits Business School. She is currently in the process of embarking on her PhD in Psychology.
She is a registered as a Psychologist with the Health Professions' Council of South Africa (HPCSA), and is a member of the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) as well as the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychologists of South Africa(SIOPSA).
She is an accredited Master Coach with the International Centre for Applied Behavioural Coaching.
She has also completed a two-year diploma is Self-Esteem Facilitation and is a qualified Self-Esteem Coach and Facilitator.