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What is self esteem?

Self-esteem is the extent to which we believe in our value and worth - just as we are. This belief is supported by what we know about ourselves, as well as by the way we treat ourselves, and impacts on our ability to cope with our day to day lives, be resilient, and like who we are.

What is a self esteem facilitator/coach?

A self esteem facilitator or coach is a qualified professional with the expertise and passion necessary to guiding you in developing and building your own self esteem.

Is self esteem for me?

Self esteem is for everyone. Building your self esteem will enable you to become more effective at the things that matter to you and help you understand your internal world better in order to live a powerful and authentic life.

Can anyone build their self esteem?

Yes! I believe that most of us have had low self esteem at some point in life. I came across this article that had four practice tips on how to build your self-esteem.